Giant plants

We were commissioned to design and create giant plant installations for an exhibition stand at Glee garden and outdoor living show at the NEC in Birmingham. We used a combination of photographic and printing techniques along with hand made plant structures and painstakingly finished flowers and leaves. The finished plants were mounted into custom made display stands/planters – these were designed to showcase the range of products available.

Giant Bear

This 5m tall bear was made as a centrepiece to the John Lewis press show 2013.
We went through several stages to produce the final piece – from initial designs and clay models to carving the structure of the bear and cladding it with the panels to give a paper engineered effect.

Birch Trees

Our own method of reproducing a birch tree effect has been used on numerous projects.
We have produced them for theatre, opera, shop display, fashion shows & product launches.
Sizes have been varied – ranging from small display plinths to half a dozen huge 7m tall trunks for a theatrical production.

Samsung Spaceship

We designed and built this internally lit structure to showcase Samsung’s exciting new and innovative products at a press event. The structure was made up of ribs with a lycra covering stretched over the top. Between the ribs and in the centre, shelves and desk areas were added for product display and demonstration. A floor with built in lighting was used to complete the effect.

Gifting Event

This press event was designed to showcase special products for Christmas. Each area focused on one of the five senses. So, for example, the large white rubik’s cube (touch) room features different textures on each panel, the coffee crate room (taste) was set up as a pop up coffee bar, the lycra clad ‘candle’ (smell) featured shelves inside with scented candles displayed on them.

Electrolux Design Lab

Electrolux hold an annual contest for creative design students around the world.
The students compete to show their most innovative ideas, and prototypes are then made of the final designs.
We designed and built this stand to showcase the prototypes in Oxford Street.