Giant plants

We were commissioned to design and create giant plant installations for an exhibition stand at Glee garden and outdoor living show at the NEC in Birmingham. We used a combination of photographic and printing techniques along with hand made plant structures and painstakingly finished flowers and leaves. The finished plants were mounted into custom made display stands/planters – these were designed to showcase the range of products available.

Valentines heart displays

We were delighted when Fortnum and Mason asked us to produce these giant Valentine’s Day hearts for their windows. They were based on a beautiful new heart shaped chocolate box design. After we created the giant free-standing heart shapes, we added intricate 3D gold metal details and panels. We are in love with the finished result! See the video of us adding the details here.

Giant wallpaper flowers

We created these beautiful giant flowers for the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour around the time of Chelsea flower show. Made from carefully selected selections of wallpapers, the flowers stood tall in the atrium. The delphinium towered up to 4m tall!

Fortnum and Mason flying teacups

Leading up to the teas department, this flock of beautiful golden winged teacups was installed in the stairwell of Fortnum and Mason in Piccadilly. The wings were individually cast and then decorated with gold leaf to give a bright metallic effect.

Liberty print postbox

We created this beautiful postbox and wrapped it in an iconic Liberty print. This stood outside the store in the run up to Christmas for posting letters to Santa Claus. Standing proudly on top of the box was a hand sculpted and painted wood effect owl. This lovely feature was based on a carved owl in the central atrium of Liberty.

Circus Themed Event

This spectacular circus themed event was set in a real big top. Our task was to fill the space with traditional circus imagery and props. Naturally, the central focus of the event was the circus ring – we created a painted floor complete with curved blocks around the edge. The walls were hung with oversize scenic painted circus posters and clown portraits and the stage was flanked by a pair of hand painted circus wagons. The table decorations featured carved horses, seals and poodles covered in flowers, as well as plenty of feathered plumes. We have many circus props available for hire – please browse them here.

Liberty New Year windows 2016

For the New Year Liberty windows, we worked with Liberty and Gus & Stella to produce this vibrant explosion of colourful Liberty prints. We created props incorporating movement and screens to showcase Gus & Stella’s animations. Three props used motorised elements – an oscillating tie and oven glove and a lady with a spinning bow on her dress. It all added up to a bright and vibrant start to the year!

Urban Warehouse

Our brief for this private special event was to create a New York style graffiti/warehouse theme.
The event was based in a marquee, so we created huge brickwork panels painted with colourful graffiti. UV reactive paints were used for much of the graffiti, so as soon as the UV lighting came on, the effect was eye popping! The warehouse theme was further enhanced by an entrance built from reclaimed corrugated iron and carved polystyrene girders suspended from the ceiling. Huge aluminium air conditioning ducting ran the length of the roof of the marquee – smoke was pumped through this during the event.

Giant Bear

This 5m tall bear was made as a centrepiece to the John Lewis press show 2013.
We went through several stages to produce the final piece – from initial designs and clay models to carving the structure of the bear and cladding it with the panels to give a paper engineered effect.

Liberty light installation – Christmas 2015

For Christmas 2015, we created a spectacular illuminated installation in the Liberty central atrium. From the top of our central pole, beautiful 10m long strips of metallic Liberty fabric were interspersed with over 400 metres of lights. The strips and lights dropped down 3 floors from the top of the pole. A specially made 5m aluminium ring was suspended at the bottom of the installation. The strips and lights were attached to the ring and carefully adjusted to create a pleasing outward and upward swoop.

Giant Sprouts

These giant sprouts were used for the John Lewis Christmas press show 2015. We made a huge wooden chopping board as a podium and added our oversize knife prop to complete the scene. People attending the show had great fun posing with the giant sprouts. People either love or hate sprouts – but we think they loved these!

Liberty Christmas 2014


For the Liberty Christmas scheme, we designed and made a 16.7m tall ships mast in the central atrium. This huge structure was made in several sections and had to be assembled on site with the help of a team of abseilers. Liberty print sails were rigged from the three yardarms and a gift filled crows nest featured at the top. The wood finish was carefully matched to the timbers in the building. Copper leaf decoration was used extensively throughout the mast – this complemented our large handmade replica Liberty coins strung on the mast and throughout the store. To continue the ship theme, we designed and created hundreds of copper and Liberty print sailing ships to be hung from the ceilings on the ground floor. We are delighted to say that this project was a finalist in the VM & Display awards 2015 – Best Christmas Interior.

John Lewis Oxford Street installations

As part of the refurbishment of the lighting department in John Lewis Oxford Street, we designed and created two installations. Firstly, we created a faux white brick wall with the skyline of London ‘drawn’ in electrical cable and fittings. Measuring approx. 4.5m x 3m, this wall creates a striking entrance to the department. The second installation was to create a chandelier of lightbulbs – some lit and some not. The chandelier is suspended from the ceiling in the lighting department. As well as displaying the products effectively, it is a wonderful focal point.


Liberty 140th Anniversary Maypole

To celebrate the 140th anniversary of Liberty in May 2015, we designed and created a spectacular 16m tall maypole.  The giant Liberty print ribbons radiated out from just below a huge floral display and down to 3 floors below.  A vast array of Liberty fabrics were used for the ribbons – around 1 for each of the 140 years. This huge structure was made in several sections and had to be assembled on site overnight with the help of a team of abseilers.



Liberty London Fashion Week windows

These abstract terrarium frames with clear perspex panels were individually designed and made to fit the Liberty windows. Paired with the Liberty prints and fashion, they completed a botanical look for London Fashion Week 2015.


This display of oversize toadstools was a permanent display in the haberdashery department in John Lewis Oxford Street. After our designs were approved, the toadstools were carved from polystyrene before covering with fabrics from the store’s own range. Oversize buttons and pins were made especially for this project to create the dots on the top of the toadstool.


We produced around 30 of these pillarboxes – one for each John Lewis department store. They were full sized and constructed from plastics & wood. For the tops, a mould was made of our sculpted original – casts were then made for each pillar box. The boxes were used for letters to Santa – so the lids had to be removable to collect the letters & send them on to the North Pole!

Birch Trees

Our own method of reproducing a birch tree effect has been used on numerous projects.
We have produced them for theatre, opera, shop display, fashion shows & product launches.
Sizes have been varied – ranging from small display plinths to half a dozen huge 7m tall trunks for a theatrical production.

Samsung Spaceship

We designed and built this internally lit structure to showcase Samsung’s exciting new and innovative products at a press event. The structure was made up of ribs with a lycra covering stretched over the top. Between the ribs and in the centre, shelves and desk areas were added for product display and demonstration. A floor with built in lighting was used to complete the effect.

UV Fish

Suspended in the ceiling of a blacked out marquee, these huge colourful fish looked amazing under the ultraviolet lighting. Each fish was individually designed and carved before finishing in uv reactive paints. See a fish being painted here.

Parisian Hotel Event

Our brief for this private event was to transform an old farm building into a lavish hotel dining room and nightclub. We styled the sets on the Hotel Costes in Paris – incorporating distinctive architectural detail and decorative detailing to achieve the desired effect. The dividing wall across the barn was beautifully finished on both sides and features two working sets of double doors.
The main feature of the bar/nightclub area was a fully functioning bar and back bar in black walnut veneers and aged mirror panels.

Gifting Event

This press event was designed to showcase special products for Christmas. Each area focused on one of the five senses. So, for example, the large white rubik’s cube (touch) room features different textures on each panel, the coffee crate room (taste) was set up as a pop up coffee bar, the lycra clad ‘candle’ (smell) featured shelves inside with scented candles displayed on them.

Atrium – Spring Flowers

These drops of beautiful spring flowers were used in 4 branches of John Lewis (including Peter Jones in Sloane Square). Each of the large flowers was hand made and painted before being carefully strung in a designed sequence.

Giant Chandelier

Measuring 6 metres across, this colossal chandelier was made as the centrepiece for a private event in Guernsey. At the design stage, we had ensure that it could be broken down enough to be easily shipped out. Once on site, the structure was dressed with thousands of acrylic jewels and silk flame lamps.

Atrium – Abstract Installation

These wedge shapes were interpreted in all sorts of ways – some thought they resembled flocks of seagulls, whilst others imagined grass cuttings flying out of a lawnmower.
After we had designed and made the pattern for the wedge shapes, they were vacuum formed in white or clear material. Some were then coloured green. Finally, they were then strung carefully following a pre-designed arrangement before hanging in store.

Atrium – Christmas Mistletoe

We designed the green mistletoe decoration after being inspired by the way this plant grows on trees. The mistletoe attaches itself to the tree and grows outwards, forming a spherical mass of intertwined foliage. We thought this shape would be perfect as a Christmas decoration and would work beautifully when hung with traditional Christmas baubles. After designing and prototyping this decoration, we worked on the configuration of baubles and mistletoe for the final hangings.

Space Themed Event

These large UV reactive alien plants were used as part of a children’s space themed event in the City of London. The event started on the deck of a spaceship with backlit flight consoles etc. During the event the ‘spaceship’ landed and large folding doors opened to reveal dry ice rolling across the surface of an alien planet. The whole area was darkened and alien plants, space rocks & craters glowed eerily in the UV light.

Seasonal Tree

This project ran for several months in most of the John Lewis department stores.
The same basic tree was used throughout the project, but we created a different look for for each seasonal promotion. First was Valentines day, followed by gifting, Mothers day, Easter, Fathers day, & Halloween.

Barbara Hepworth replica sculpture

In celebration of John Lewis’ 150th anniversary, we were commissioned to make a sculpture based on the iconic Barbara Hepworth ‘Winged figure’. The original sculpture takes pride of place above the entrance of John Lewis Oxford street. Our version was displayed in the Oxford Street windows. To recreate the aluminium finish of the original, we used a lightweight aluminium composite material. We criss-crossed steel rods through our sculpture to complete the look.

White Product Installation

To mark the launch of the food hall in John Lewis Oxford Street, we designed and created these displays of white products. After designing the layout, each bottle, jar, box and tin had to be sprayed white and then arranged in the custom made shelving on site.

Giant Letters

These giant letters were originally used to showcase top Christmas toys at a press event.
They were so successful that the idea was used on the shop floor as part of the Christmas scheme.

Electrolux Design Lab

Electrolux hold an annual contest for creative design students around the world.
The students compete to show their most innovative ideas, and prototypes are then made of the final designs.
We designed and built this stand to showcase the prototypes in Oxford Street.

Bark Effect Moulding & Casting

Our brief was to create a bark edge for the shelves in the John Lewis Christmas windows. After sculpting an original section of bark, we made several moulds and began casting. Over 300 pieces were finally made and each was hand painted to complete the effect.